Laser Hair Removal at Premier Med Spa in Charlotte

Laser Hair Removal Therapy

At Premier Med Spa in Charlotte, we offer the latest technology for laser hair removal to give your skin the soft, silky feel that comes right after a close shave. Our laser technicians are trained to treat all skin types using our 808 Diode laser; the gold standard in permanent hair reduction.

With laser hair removal, your skin feels smooth all the time. We offer laser hair removal packages to ensure every hair in your treatment area is targeted. Only hair in the active growth phase can absorb the laser’s energy to damage the follicle, so multiple sessions are necessary to fully remove unwanted hair.

Most of our patients notice less hair in their treatment area after the second or third session. You’ll continue to shed hair until your skin is left smooth and bare.

For permanent hair reduction, we recommend 6-8 treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Prices & Packages

Treatment AreaPackage of 4 TreatmentsPackage of 8 Treatments
Upper Lip$349$549
Full Face with Neck$869$1199
Full Neck$519$739
Lower Face and Beard$519$739
Bikini Line$519$739
Partial Legs$869$1199
Full Legs$1499$2099
Partial Arms$689$959
Full Arms$1199$1499
Ab Line$279$449
Full Back$1049$1549
Full Chest Male$1049$1549
Full Body$3299$4999
Laser Hair Removal Therapy